Doctor of Philosophy

Date Completed: April 2013

Analytical Lifecycle Modeling and Threat Analysis of Botnets

Botnet, which is an overlay network of compromised computers built by cybercriminals known as botmasters, is the new phenomenon that has caused deep concerns to the security professionals responsible for governmental, academic, and private sector networks. Botmasters use a plethora of methods to infect network-accessible devices (nodes). The initial malware residing on these nodes then either connects to a central Command & Control (C&C) server or joins a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) botnet. At this point, the nodes can receive the commands of the botmaster and proceed to engage in illicit activities such as Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks and massive e-mail spam campaigns.

Master of Science

Date Completed: January 2007

Study and Implementation of IEEE 802.11 Physical Layer Model in YANS (Future NS-3) Network Simulator

Due to known difficulties of researchers in the networking domain regarding experimentation of their ideas in actual networks, network simulators have become indispensable tools for investigating and validating various ideas in all layers of the network. However, most of the wireless network researchers are not completely familiar with the implications of the assumptions they make for the physical layer in their scenarios. For the sake of building the case for a good simulator, it will be demonstrated that unknown assumptions might lead to wrong conclusions about the performance of the protocols under examination.

Bachelor of Science

Date Completed: September 2004

Analysis of Real-time Fax over IP (FoIP) Using Simulation

Thesis Abstract:
It’s been some time now that expressions like “Voice over IP”, “Fax over IP” and the likes are heard extensively in the telecommunications industry. The idea is utilizing data networks to deliver telecommunications services which are currently provided by the PSTN. The incentive is pretty straightforward: cutting costs and yet being able to provide the previous services, not to mention the added capabilities to deliver a multitude of other services, hardly imagined feasible with the PSTN.


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