Digital Communications
Simulink and Code Generation using Real-Time Workshop : Rayleigh Fading Channel

Date Completed: September 18, 2003

Fading is one of the important obstacles which limits the wireless transmission. Deep fading will cause loss of signal at the receiver. The transmitted signal will arrive at the receiver antenna through multiple paths which causes what is known as multipath fading. Each path has its own delay and attenuation and the received signal amplitude is the collective effect of the signals arrived through different paths.

Optimization Techniques in Electromagnetic Problems

Date Completed: August 05, 2003

The following papers are the results of a cooperation between me and Dr.Lotfi, the antenna and communications circuits labs instructor. My work, for the main part, was helping in the implementation of the optimization algorithms in the projects and also comparing the obtained results with the ones produced by HP-HFSS software. I also had the opportunity to consult with Prof. Hojjat Kashani ,my Antenna course instructor, in the areas of antennas and microwave devices. The results of the application of the mentioned optimization techniques to some electromagnetic problems are documented in the following papers.

DSP : DSP Educational Package

Date Completed: June 09, 2003

This project has been conducted in a teamwork manner. Some important concepts of an introductory course on DSP were chosen. First, few were responsible for implementing the code in Matlab using M-files, and at the next stage, others were responsible for transferring the code to GUIs so that the users can enjoy the comfort of windows-based execution. This package was supposed to serve as an educational aid package for the DSP course at MS level and the book "Discrete-time signal processing" by: Alan V. Oppenheim, Roland W. Schafer, and John R. Buck was chosen as the reference.

QPSK Modulator/Demodulator

Date Completed: April 10, 2003

This circuit is an improved version of classical QPSK modulator/demodulator designs in terms of costs. Based on common CMOS logic, it needs no frequency or phase adjustments.


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