I am Masood Krohy (Khosroshahy), a Lead Data Scientist (Consultant). Big Data Analytics, including AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, is extremely fascinating and I find it very rewarding to take up new hard technical challenges in this field and deliver operationalized solutions typically in short order. I have the scientific background to design mathematical algorithms and the software development expertise to turn those algorithms into scalable, production-quality code on the Hadoop and Spark platforms.

I have about 6 years of experience in Data Scientist tasks obtained during the past 3 roles, spanning several industries: recently as the resident Data Scientist at Intact, the Canadian leader in P&C insurance, working on their Big Data telematics projects as well as working on the optimization of their Hadoop/Spark platform (2 years). Previous to this, I was working for Rogers and with their multi-terabyte telecom network data (1 year). Before Rogers, I was at Concordia, doing network security data analysis as part of my PhD thesis work (3 years).

What you can do on this website:

- See my Curriculum Vitae in PDF [LinkedIn profile]
- Check out my publications
- Check out my B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. theses
- See some past projects
- Drop me a line if you have a question

Here are few more things to know about me:

• Experience working with relational databases through my recent work with Postgres/PostGIS, through work on SwissQual’s SQL Server-based NQDI database, and with Joomla’s MySQL database in the context of several web development projects

• Expertise in Machine Learning and Data Mining (implemented a large number of algorithms)

• Equivalent to 6 years of full-time experience in software development (inc. Python, SQL, Java and C++)

• Authored/Co-authored several peer-reviewed papers: 2 ISI journal papers and 6 conference papers

• Certified Associate in Project Management (PMI's CAPM certificate)

• Excellent communication skills with full proficiency in English and French (multiple certificates)


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